Anonymous asked: I heard Sean Macguire was charging $45 or something similar for autographs at WonderCon. Do you know if Bex and JD were charging fans as well?

Oh wow! Was he?? I didn’t hear anything about Josh or Bex charging? I guess coz Sean and Gil were in a booth?

Anonymous asked: Oops! Josh let the secret slip in that interview. He was trying so hard, too! ;)


Hah!  But for his sake, I’ll pretend I didn’t hear :D

As Wicked Witch would say “OOPS”

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Josh trying not to disclose baby’s sex, kept saying “it” but in the end he answered: “I hope my kid is not an actor. I don’t wanna start HIM out that early”

lexijeter, we were RIGHT! It’s gonna be a BOY!!!

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Anonymous asked: And if marriage is a charming and Abigail in a AU?

I don’t think it will be them…

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Anonymous asked: It's a gift I tend to know when someone in my life is pregnant before they tell anyone and the most I've been wrong in terms of day of was 4 days. It's the same with celebrities too. I think Emillie will be the next in the cast to be pregnant if she isn't already, it's just something about her face at the moment that's off.

Really? Wow!! Guess we shall find out if you’re right! 😄😄😄

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Anonymous asked: Hello! Sorry to bother you, but I wanted to ask one thing... in a scene with Emma, Hook and Rumple that will come, you said you couldn't tell anything because it was spoilery, but that was 'magical'. Uhm can you tell us just if it's a good thing or bad? *prettyplease* *puppy eyes* xD

Like I said, I just walked by the trail they were filming at, and they weren’t even rolling at that time, so no one heard anything. Even if I wanted to say, I really didn’t hear anything. All 3 of them were just standing together…

Anonymous asked: Do you know if Bobby was still in Vancouver as of the last days of filming? I thought he and Em had filmed in studio together the day she wore the blue dress, but now I read that he might gave been in Cannes.. Did the crew say anything about Rumbelle? Thanks!

Hmmm.. from what I know, both were still in Vancouver til the last day of filming! Robert has a house here and I know his kids study here…. 😊😊

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Anonymous asked: What do you think might happen in the season finale? Snowing will separate again and Charming marrying Abigail? And baby, Zelena will use it?

Im clueless as well!! When I was there when they filmed, I couldn’t get any out of it so I’m as clueless as everyone else! All I know is the crew said we are gonna love the storyline that they are doing! 😊😊

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My fave couple!! 😍😍😍 Snowing!!!

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Once Upon A Time 3x19 “A Curious Thing” Promotional Photos

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